New Video – All About Falling In Love (Acoustic Version)

A new "MLT Club Duo Session" is now on YouTube!

This time we are playing our song "All About Falling In Love". We initially filmed it for the monthly "Duo Session" series over at the MLT Club.

It's a tune we have only rarely performed as just the two of us but one that actually lends itself really well to a stripped-back setup - just two guitars, two voices.

It's off our debut album "When We're Together" which came out in 2012.

It feels great to visit these songs from time to time. Rediscovering your own work in a way. The lyrics don’t change, the chords don’t change but with each passing year it feels like your own stories and life experience add depth and more colour to its original meaning.

Especially now that we’re working on new material it is interesting to reflect on our earlier work. How the story unfolds and where the next chapter will lead us. ♥

You can get the album here:

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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