• If you don’t mind my asking, I was wondering why the URL for the club login page contains the word “keksi”.  I found that it’s Finnish for “cookie”, but if that’s the reason then I’m even more perplexed.


  • Hi David,

    LOL 🙂 I never thought that somebody would ever notice that!
    This is because we received an insane amount of Spam users lately, mainly from russian email addresses (… @mail.ru). These are fake users that create an account for malicious purposes, for instance to hack a site, to post spam or to see if stolen credit cards are still valid. Therefore we had to change the login/registration page url. Because these accounts are mainly created by bots (software) they just try to use the standard login url of a WordPress site and not the real one.

    Why I chose keksi as a name? No idea, was just the first thing that came to my mind and I knew the girls would remember. Ans yes, it means a small cookie, also in German (maybe Austrian only).

    • Thank you, Mr. Rudi, for blocking the hackers on this site.  It really is a shame that such things have to be done and that so much time has to be spent blocking them.  On the other hand…….I really like the Clubhouse and the interactions that occur on the site.  It really is  much better than other musician’s interactive web page.  Mike.

  • Thanks Rudi and David… Learned my new thing today: Keksi?

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