“Lola” is turning 50 – New Kinks Cover

Hello everyone

Today The Kinks' hit song "Lola" is turning 50 years old, and the Davies brothers have declared it #LolaDay today.

Ray Davies and his girlfriend Karen invited us to record our own cover version if this iconic song. OF COURSE, we were on board, how could we not? We love this song, we love The Kinks, we love this album.

There is something so unorthodox, unapologetic and poetically blunt about The Kinks' music. The predecessor to punk. Untamed yet melodic, introspective, witty and observational in the most creative, captivating way. Nothing gives you a more vivid picture of parts of British culture than diving into a Kinks album. Their song "Waterloo Sunset" in our opinion is one of the most beautiful songs EVER written. We love these guys.

We hope we did this song proud and that you enjoy our take on this absolute classic. Please leave a comment underneath the video (on YouTube or on our website post) and share your thoughts with us.

Also don't forget to check out The Kinks' social media channels like Facebook and Twitter today and join the #LolaDay celebrations!

More Kinks ...

We also did another exclusive Kinks cover for the MLT Club: A Duo Session version of "Tired Of Waiting", another one of our favourite Kinks tunes!

We upload at least two pieces of exclusive content to the MLT Club every week (photos, videos, interviews, Q&As, vlogs, ...) so if you are interested in seeing and hearing more you can become a member here: https://test2.monalisa-twins.com/mltclub/

You can also make use of the coupon code Month50 for 50% off your first month or code Year10 for 10% off a yearly membership ♥

We hope that wherever you are, you, your family, friends and community are doing well. With so much unfolding and changing at the same time, we really hope that we will all come out of this on the better side ... more united, more knowledgeable, more compassionate and stronger.

Music has gotten us through the best but also the worst of times. We hope we can add some tunes to your life's soundtrack, whatever your own story and battles may look like. Thanks for allowing us to be with you ♥

Take care and stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

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